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Facts About Instagram Selfie Frame


Instagram is a social media application that came with the smartphones. Instagram is a photo and video oriented application which is typically used by many people across the globe to share their photos. Most of the photos that are shared on Instagram are usually photos of people in events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, prom, and wedding parties among others. Instagram selfie prop frame (PiccaProp) tends to make pictures look way more presentable. Instagram Selfie Frames are a fun way to capture the moment when you are on an event or a party.


Where are Selfie Frames used?

hgghghgbInstagram Selfie Frames is the new trendy feature in the social media and photo taking the business. These frames have become so much popular these days and with social media, the demand for the frames has risen. Instagram selfie frames can be used in various places. Selfie frames can be used in events; these events may be for business or just plain fun, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. The Instagram selfie frames are similar to the old school photo booths which used like four flashes. The flashes used to take a picture of you when you were completely off guard. That was the fun of the photo booths in the old days. However, the future is here with us and its time we went with the wave of evolution in technology.

Cost of an Instagram Selfie Frame

The cost of a social media prop frame normally depends on exactly what you want. Instagram Selfie frames come in various forms. Listed below are some three ways through which Instagram selfie frames can be received and also how their cost varies.

Digital files

Some companies that make the selfie frames usually just send you the digital file of what you ordered. The printing is generally up to you; this means that you can print the Instagram selfie frame at your home place or a print shop. An advantage of this method is that it is way much cheaper and quicker. The disadvantage of this approach is that construction of the frame is up to you.

Ready to use

This is the best method out there. Here the company does everything for you. All you need is just unpack the package the frame came with, and you’re ready to go on taking selfies.

Company mounts for you, but you cut

hghghghbbThis is a method whereby the printing company mounts or you the Instagram frame on board but then leaves the cutting of the frame up to you. This method lets you take a ruler and cut the center with a blade or knife. This approach is much more expensive than the previous one.