Body Piercing


Body piercing is at the peak today. Teens have pieces of jewelry all over their body. They have pierced nose, lips, ears, tongue and many other body parts. But, there is one thing, they do not seem to understand, the jewelry chosen are made from metal, if not properly chosen, it can lead to serious body infections in the future. Read on to see the right way of selecting for body modification jewelry.

Things to consider when purchasing jewelry

Know which type of metal is safe

dgfdesdfghjFor piercing, consider the following types of metals, Titanium, niobium, stainless steel, higher k gold and solid 14k gold. You can also use wood and plastics. However, you must be very careful when deciding to buy wooden jewelry as it can react with the wound causing allergic reactions. The following metals must be avoided, sterling silver, nickel, and copper.

Purchase real piercing jewelry only

To avoid any risks of infections and diseases, it is advisable only to buy ornaments made for body modification only. This way you will be safe. You might spend large amounts yes, but better be safe.

Do not use jewelry used by other people

If you have to, make sure to follow the right procedures to sterilize them. Never use creams and oils you are not sure of when stretching ear lobes. It might lead to serious and dangerous infections after piercing. You can follow safe guides on how to stretch ear lobes from you tube.

Ask the person piercing you about the possible health risks as a result

Some people cannot bear the pain during and after piercing. You should ask your piercer of the expectations so that you gauge yourself. If you are afraid, it might disrupt the piercer and lead to serious mistakes. Let them also tell you of what to expect after the operation. Some are very painful after which you might suffer fever for a couple of days.

Ensure your piercer owns a sterilization machine in his or her facility

Remember you are not the only client. To avoid the spread of diseases, the piercing equipment must be sterilized before each operation. If they are not available, you better get another piercer.

Professional piercer

fdn gvcfghjkDo not just go to any one? They must be licensed and experienced in that field. To be sure you can ask around for referrals from friends, family, workmates for the best in your area. Do not go for cheap but it does not mean the most expensive is the best. Just go for the best deal.