Things To Keep In Mind When Playing With Your Cat


Play means a lot to a cat. It benefits largely from interactive play, and also it increases the bond between you and the cat. It serves as mental exercise, physical exercises, reduces boredom, reduces stress and makes the pet happy all the time. It is important to use the right type of toys to make play time interesting and beneficial to both of you.

Things to keep in mind when playing with a cat

Right setting

cxdfgdgrtfgjhkPlaying with a cat is more of role playing. The cat acts as a predator, while you were using a toy acts like prey. It will look even more amazing when your play ground is filled with things like pillows, bags, and boxes. This will act like grass, trees, rocks where they predator can hide to catch its prey.

Copy the prey’s actions

Make sure to play your role well. Decide on the right toy to attach to a string. It can be a fish, bird, or a mouse. Let the toy move as per its role. If it is a mouse, for example, let it run up and down walls, let it hide behind the bags when it sees the cat. You can even make it pause, the run-away very fast when the cat approaches. If you choose a bird, let it fly high and other times land on the ground. Give the birds time to feed itself. Remember cats do not run after birds that fly too high.

Do not leave the cat frustrated

Give the cat a chance to catch its prey. Give it the satisfaction of becoming a winner. Otherwise next time it will not play because it always loses. A game is interesting when both of you win.

Do not tire it too much

sadagsedfghjYes, we said the play is important for the kitty, but too much of everything is poisonous. Do not overdo everything. If you notice the cat is breathing heavily and panting, let it relax, it is tired.Keep play time safe and moderate. Just like human beings, start your exercise with slow movements and increase gradually. Towards the end of the game, slow down once more. This is very healthy for your pet.If you carefully observe the above, play time will always be fun. Your cat will look forward to it and above all, it wills stay healthy and happy.

6 Mistakes To Watch Out For When Leasing A Van


Leasing a van gives you the joy of riding a new drive, of any type without worrying about large initial purchasing amounts or even depreciation. People, however, forget about very important things when signing the leasing agreement.

Mistakes to avoid when leasing

Paying too much initial cost

edgfhnrdtfyghuLeasing companies which ask for fewer amounts per month are very tempting. People will run out to acquire their vans because the deal looks good. When you calculate the total sum, it will turn to be a lot of money. If you are thinking of paying large amount initially, you should ask yourself what happens in case the car is stolen. Will the insurance company compensate or are you the one to pay the whole amount? If misfortunes of loss happen, many clients end up making losses.


No one knows when an accident is going to occur. It is, for this reason, you must have a good insurance cover for your leased car. If an accident occurs, they will refund the leasing company the amount worth their van. If you are the one paying for damages in case of accidents, you might find yourself running out of cash.

Not maintaining the leased car

Some clients think that because the car is not theirs, there is no need of proper maintenance. This, however, will land you into extra-large charges. Make sure to properly maintain the leased van.

Avoid leasing for too long

Van warrants last for only three years. If you lease a van for more than that, you might find yourself incurring extra charges. Commercial vehicles are regularly updated; this is why you should lease the van for a short duration so that you will have the chance to lease new models as they come.


Damages are unavoidable when it comes to vehicles. Do not assume the leasing company will assume small scratches on their van. When signing the lease document, make sure to see the type of damages charged, to avoid getting into the trap of paying extra for damages of the van.

Mileage limits

dfrghjkfghjkLow premiums might mean low mileage limits. Get to the bottom of this when signing the leasing documents. Mind your driving habits so that you will be able to claim your mileage allowances when need be.

Wrong company

Another major mistake most people make is getting into a contract with the wrong company. Ask around from friends, workmates to see which company offer the best deals when it comes to leasing vans.